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  • UgandaWatch was the national crowdsourcing platform during the Ugandan elections in Februari 2011. All reports are still accessible but we currently do not process new messages anymore.

Messages in this category include questions about the electoral process; general complaints, concerns or opinions; and, positive feedback about the...
1297 news items
Messages in this category will capture reports of imbalanced journalism; incitement of violence by candidates or media; the use of hate speech in...
33 news items
Messages in this category involve money or state resources being misused to influence the outcome of elections. Examples could include, voters being...
295 news items
Messages in this category will capture any violations of law or regulations in election administration; inappropriate or illegal campaign conduct;...
260 news items
Messages in this category could include any violent or threatening exchanges related to elections. Examples could include: clashes between supporters...
341 news items
All issues about the Voter Registration process
158 news items
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Reported by: General Public Any Ugandan with access to a mobile phone or the web can report an election abuse, a comment, or ask a question by texting 6090 or clicking submit... 2608 news items
#twitter Lists messages from 1607 news items
Demgroup News Democracy Monitoring Group (DEMGroup) is the primary sponsor of It is a consortium of four civil society organizations that... 16 news items
Reported by: Press offers election related news stories from Uganda's print media to provide Ugandans with a wide variety of information about... 2421 news items
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